How Quickly Life Changes

On 9 June 2014, I wrote a post saying my father had two months to live due to lung cancer, but I was hoping the doctor’s were wrong. Unfortunately, there were not.

On 29 June 2014, Dad passed away.

I had moved in with my parents on 15 June. I was in the house for less than an hour when I realised things were much worse than I had thought. But even then I had no idea that Dad would be gone two weeks later.

I will attempt to share my experiences. However, I only have use of my iPad for Internet use these days, so I will be typing these experiences using the WordPress app. Being a typist, I imagine using two fingers will be frustrating for me so I cannot see myself typing long posts. But that’s okay. Short and simple will suit me even better these days as time has become precious in my new role.

The next chapter of Grand Central Station, which is what my mother affectionately called my life several years ago, will be posted soon.

Stay tuned.


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