The Down Side of Ecstasy

I’ve noticed that many visitors to this site are looking for information on the drug ecstasy. Even though I’ve written a few short posts on the subject, I’ve decided to share more information.

The following are excerpts from a book called Ecstasy:Its History And Lor by Miriam Joseph.

The psychological make-up of each individual who takes ecstasy plays an important part in his or her response to the drug.

In other words, just because a friend took the drug and was fine, it doesn’t mean you’ll be fine too. I read about two girls in England who took a pill at the same time. It was the first time for both of them. One girl lived, the other (the birthday girl) ended up being rushed to hospital. She was in a coma and had severe cerebral swelling. Her parents were left with the decision of whether or not to turn off the life support machine. A few days later, the doctors told the parents the girl was brain dead and the machine was switched off.

I guarantee neither of the girls enjoyed the party, because one girl is dead and the other gave that girl the tablet and has to live with that fact for the rest of her life.

Ecstasy can also act as an appetite-suppressant, so long-term users run the risk of suffering a range of problems associated with malnutrition.

I can attest to this. Barry lost a lot of weight. He went from a healthy, athletic 18 year old to grey skinned, sunken eyed, skin and bone. I look at the photos taken in the months before he died and can plainly see the change in him. He looked sick.

Some long-term users have reported an increased susceptibility to colds, flu, sore throats, and the like…

Unnecessary drug use breaks down the immune system. Allowing this to happen to your body isn’t an ideal outcome and should be considered when you decide to take the drug. Some females have reported that their period cycle has been affected by taking the drug. Some have irregular periods as a result, whilst others stop having periods altogether. How can you be sure that this isn’t going to be permanent? How do you know for sure that you won’t become infertile?

Then there are the other medical conditions that people are making worse. Do you have heart trouble, blood pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy or mental health issues? Then you are taking even greater risks every time to take an ecstasy tablet. Research suggests ecstasy cause complications in people with these conditions. Is it really worth the risk?

Ecstasy causes a rise in body temperature. Ecstasy causes a significant rise in blood pressure and heart rate. Ecstasy may harm the liver, including reports of hepatitis (liver inflammation) and jaundice in users of the drug.

Fatal heatstroke can occur when a person takes the drug, drinks and dances in a crowded venue. People tend to drink a lot of fluid (water especially) but there have been recorded deaths resulting from excessive fluid intake too. The kidneys no longer function correctly, which stops the normal excretion of the fluid. This means the water is retained in the body, causing the brain to swell. The pressure on the brain shuts down other vital functions of the body causing dizziness, disorientation and sometimes coma.

Then there’s the risk of heart failure. Why would anyone take that risk? Are you sure you don’t have an undiagnosed heart condition? You don’t have to be old to have a problem. Often young people have something wrong too, but they just don’t know it.

There are some reports that connect brain haemorrhage to ecstasy too. Although there are still large gaps in the information known about this, it is thought that the brain cells are affected by the drug, especially in the brain called serotonin. It is believed this part of the brain is responsible for the regulation of sleep, appetite, your sexual functions and your mood.

The drug can cause hallucinations and flashbacks. Then there’s the anxiety attacks, confusion, insomnia, depression and phychosis. Generally, these affects will stop when you stop using the drug, but it has been reported that a person can suffer from these things for up to three months afterwards. It all depends on your body.

Is it really worth the risk?


One thought on “The Down Side of Ecstasy

  1. jenn

    wonderful site. touching stories. thank you for posting information making people aware of the results. much love. xoxo

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