To Lose a Child

Tears without end
Days without nights
Night without day
Time without forgetting.
Food without taste
Sleep without rest
Sorrow without comfort.
Pain without limit
Emptiness without bottom
Life without.

~ Author Unknown ~


6 thoughts on “To Lose a Child

  1. Joy

    I lost my 24 yr old on 12/19/07 and I can fully understand your grief. I find it hard to deal with his siblings, they have cut me out of their lives, so now I must deal with my grief alone.

  2. Inês

    Ive never lost a child of mine, I Lost my bestfriend when we were both Little Girls with 11 years of age. Now, 3 years have Gone by and Im still all alone, sometimes sitting by the door, trying to tell myself she wont walk in that door but somehow, believing in that thing. I miss her so much and I just want to know she’s Okay and she’ll remenber me when she sees me in Heaven.

  3. Trisha2727

    I lost my only daughter to a brain aneurysm March 26th, 2010. A healthy 19 year old should not have an end to their life.
    Have you noticed how many 19 year olds die? Seems to be the dreaded age.
    I like to see pictures of others that might be grouping in with her to check on us here on earth.
    I lost my faith when this happened. And I don’t care to try to get it back now.
    I like thinking we are like flowers. We are created, live, and die off. Some of us get stepped on(murdered). And some of us have ailments(cancers, illnesses, and sudden fatal things).

    I’m so sorry you had to lose your son. I hope you are coping well now. It has only been 9 months for me. I have most okay days with tears too. But then there are those horrible days that take me down for weeks.

  4. S

    My sister lost her daughter the day before yesterday. a daughter was all she ever dreamt of I am still hurtin and in much pain but I know she has is 100times more than me it almost feel like, Tears without end, Days without nights, Night, without day, Time without forgetting. Food without taste, Sleep without rest, Sorrow without comfort. Pain without limit, Emptiness without bottom, Life without? I dont know all of the above but it still dosen’t feel like something is missing. I am sorry to all of you who have or are going through the same lose.

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