A Gift...I’m a writer, but I do not usually write poetry. This poem shows the world how I feel inside. I place it here now, at 11.30pm on 18 May 2007, which is the exact time Daniel phoned me one year ago to tell me that my youngest son had taken his own life.

The Long Journey

A tear drops on my pillow,
in this darkness called my life,
come sit beside me, please,
guide me through this night.

A tear drops on my pillow,
softly, I whisper your name,
I wait to feel you near me, son,
yet I know it can’t be the same.

In this darkness called my life,
never ending, I search for the light,
yet my heart aches for you, son,
and your smile, oh so bright.

Come sit beside me, please,
there are things I need to know,
Are you safe, protected and watching me, son,
without knowing, I can’t let you go.

Guide me through this night,
it’s been a year since you went away,
I send these words to heaven, Barry,
“I love and miss you everyday.”

~ by Karen Henderson to her son, Barry ~

Note: The flowers in the photo were given to me today as a gift from a dear friend, Sasha, with the following message: The next best thing to giving you a hug! Thank you, Sasha, for caring. They (the words and the flowers) are absolutely beautiful.