A Mother’s Day Gift From God

Lord today is Mother’s Day,
but my heart is split in two
Half of my heart is still here,
the other with my child that is there with you.
All the lovely presents are a nice surprise
But the only thing I want most is missing,
and tears fill my eyes.
I know when you sent him Lord,
You didn’t promise how long he would stay
All you said was to love him
and treasure each and every day.
But Lord it crushed my heart,
when you called for his return.
I really feel like half a Mom,
as I ache, weep, and yearn.
But Lord tell him I Love Him
just as much as I did before.
And could you please make a window,
so he can see through heaven’s floor,
Let him see that he is missed
and thought of with each breath.
And that a Mother’s love begins before life,
and does not end with death.
So on this Mother’s Day,
The Greatest Gift
“I Give To You.”.
For Lord I know you missed him,
and you Love him too.

~ Author Unknown ~


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