On this, my first Mother’s Day, I asked myself, Do I have the right to celebrate Mother’s Day? Have I truly been a mother this past year? The answer is yes.

Each day I have cared for my child as every mother does, except differently. In every way possible I have mothered him.

I have mothered him with every tear shed; through the agony of longing to hold him. I have rocked him in my heart if not in my arms. I have kissed his little cheeks in my mind if not with my lips. Smelled his sweetness with my hopes if not my nose. Felt his skin with my memory, if not my hands. Tickled him with my wishes, if not with my fingers.

Am I a mother? I truly am. My physical mothering has been limited to lovingly tending his grave. But I am a mother all the same.

Thinking of all us moms this weekend, and always,
Michelle Parrish, Columbia TCF Chapter, Baltimore, MD