Reasons for taking overdoses in high and hopelessness groups.

Each person was allowed to endorse as many as they felt fitted their case, so the numbers do not add up to 100.

The situation was so unbearable that I had to do something and I didn’t know what else to do – 67%

I wanted to die – 61%

I wanted to escape for a while from an impossible situation – 58%

I wanted to get relief from a terrible state of mind – 52%

I wanted to make people understand how desperate I was feeling – 39%

I wanted to make things easier for others – 36%

I wanted to get help from someone – 33%

I wanted to show how much I loved someone – 30%

I wanted to try and get someone to change their mind – 15%

I wanted to try and find out whether someone really loved me or not – 12%

I wanted to make people sorry for the way they have treated me – 9%

I wanted to frighten someone – 3%

I wanted to get my own back on someone – 3%

~ reported by Mark Williams ~