The Gift

The following verse gripped my heart and made tears sting my eyes. The gift of an understanding person is comforting, but the gift of another parent who knows exactly what I’ve been through is priceless.

Marcelle, I thought of you when I read this and I thought of your Daniel. I know today would have been his birthday and is a hard day for you, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please be kind to yourself.

I have a gift
I did not want this gift, it meant suffering and pain
The pain because of love.
A love which had manifest itself in a child.
The child brought its love to me and asked for my love.
Sometimes I did not understand this.
Sometimes I was too busy to listen quietly to this love.
But the love persisted, it was always there.
And one day the child died.
The love remained
This time the love came in other forms.
This time there were memories,
There was sadness and anguish,
And unbelievable pain.
One day a stranger came and stood with me.
The stranger said, “I will walk with you.”
And did.
You see, the stranger had also been this way.
We talked and cried together.
The stranger became my friend as no other had.
My friend said, “I am always here,” and was.
One day I lifted my head
I noticed another grieving parent, gray and drawn with pain
I approached and spoke.
I touched and comforted.
I said, “I will walk with you.”
And I did.
I also had the gift.

Joe Lawley
TCF Co-Founder
Coventry, England, 1969


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