The candle’s flame is eternal,
you can see it transform the world above,
so this candle represents our family,
because we too share an undying love.
That love makes us who we are,
it makes our world our place to be,
and I can think of no better place,
than being surrounded by my family.
Just being together , makes it all the more special,
truly, the happiest moments on this Earth,
a time for laughter and for reflection,
a time to measure your family’s worth.
I know that we are so very lucky,
because we have riches beyond earthly measure,
and today, we’ll create many happy memories,
all of which, will become a lifelong treasure.
And I just wanted to thank you all,
I’ve never really said just how wonderful you are,
but if my love for you were a distance,
then it would be further than the furthest star.
I also know that our love too, will burn forever,
so forever, we’ll proudly carry the FAMILY name,
for eternity, we’ll be proud of who we are,
because there inside of us, burns an eternal flame.

~ Author Unknown ~