Be Still

Be still, my heart, when jeans and sneakers pass by me;
Be still, my tears, which come so easily;
Be still, my longing to hear his voice and see his smile–oh, how I miss his smile.

Be still, the memories which race around in my brain and ease the pain
And be still, the pain which is ever there at first sharp but now more dull;
Be still, my sorrow, for he is at peace-so much more than I.

Be still, my loneliness for him, to touch him again;
Be still, the wish for others to cry with me as they did at first, so
I would know they still miss him as much as I;

But life goes on, they say, And so must I
Be very still, the need to ask, “Why did he have to die?”
Be still, the anger when they say someone else wanted him;
No one could want him more than I.

Be still, my heart so you can remember that you still have life and
love around you, that only one small part is gone.
Be still, my grieving for that one small part.

Yet grieve I must; for the books say I must go through it and not around it.
Be still, the bargains I made and the games I played (to have him
back and pretend it was a mistake), as they are dangerous and to no avail

Be happy, heart, that we had him for awhile,
Be strong, my pride, That I am slowly healing and loving and feeling.

Fall’s colors came and went,
Winter’s snow came and went,
and now spring has come again.
It seems the world is going on; and so should I.

I am lucky to have borne you;
I am richer for having shared your dreams;
I am sadder but stronger for having lost you.
I will always love you…..Good-bye.

~ by Claire Moore ~


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