I found the following photograph and comment on Gary’s Floralscape account. It says everything I can’t say right now for fear of breaking apart.

Karen & Gary

Comment by Gary:

This photo was taken on the 17th May, 2006. We were trying out Karen’s new camera.

We were celebrating breaking a 6 month diet. Karen had lost 14 kilo and I had lost 24 kilo and we were looking forward to a new, bright future.

Little did we know that the next evening on the 18th we would receive a phone call that would see our world come tumbling down around us and change our lives completely.

Barry, Karen’s 18 year old son had taken his own life.

Leading up to the anniversary of your short life Barry, we want you to know that we love you, we miss you every day, we never stop talking about you and you will always be a part of our lives.

May Peace be upon you my dear friend for all eternity.

Edit 12 May 2007: Gary decided to delete the photo and comment from his flickr account, so I have uploaded the photo to mine instead. However, the original comment can no longer be seen.