In my post Give Yourself Permission “To Be” I mentioned how stressed I’ve been feeling and how I need to cut back my hours at work. Then in Decision Pending I told you how I finally worked up the courage to ask for that time off.

Today, almost a week and a half later, I have been given my bosses decision.

I have to admit that the length of time did nothing to ease my stress. In fact, yesterday I found myself approaching one of my bosses and asking if a decision had been made yet. I felt desperate and I needed to know one way or the other. So when he said they’d let me know later in the day, and didn’t, my nerves couldn’t handle it and I didn’t sleep last night.

Being sleep deprived isn’t good for me. I do and say things without thinking. Often I can regret these things later. I sat, weary, at my desk this morning, once again in the darkest of moods and thinking the worst thoughts. Then the boss I had approached yesterday came up to me and said, “About that time off…”

If you could hear a heart sink, you would have heard the loudest crash. I went hot and cold at once. I’m sure my face was void of all colour.

“…it’s been approved.”

One extreme to the other. Suddenly, I felt like climbing on top of the roof and shouting to the world. But, I still feel sure my face was void of all colour, because I was waiting for the “but”.

“We’ve decided that Friday will be the best day, because that will give you a long weekend. We think that will benefit you more than having a day off in the middle of the week. You can start this Friday.”

I sat in utter shock. I know I said thank you, but I couldn’t manage more than that. My request had been granted…and they have given me a Friday. At best, I expected a middle of the week day, if I was lucky to get a yes, which I seriously thought wouldn’t happen.

My request for a day off has been granted. What can I say? I need this so much.