Yesterday, I invited you to Meet the Family. Afterwards, I settled back and went through the photos on both sites. A trip down memory lane, as they say.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered two comments had been made on my photos. Both were made long ago and I apologise to Fiona and Deborah for not acknowledging their words. I only found them yesterday. This is an area where Flickr could improved its service, I believe.

Anyway, Fiona, a friend of Barry’s left a memory in her comment and I am honoured to share that with you today. Below is a photo of Fiona and Barry together at a party. This photo was in Barry’s personal collection on his computer. Under the photo you’ll be able to read Fiona’s comment.

Thank you, Fiona, for sharing this with me and thank you for that last sentence…it brought tears to my eyes.

FionA aNd BaRRy

Hi, im fiona, thats me in the photo with Barry. Ive been reading your blogs for a few weeks now, so I thought Id tell you about this night. In this photo we were at Leesas party, which Barry invited me to. Before we went there I told him to make sure he didnt leave me by myself because I wouldnt know that many people, and he said he wouldnt. He did stay with me most of the night, except for when he and Matt went to get his car to drive around but he told me he would come back and get me once he got his car. And he did. So Barry and Matt came back and picked up Karina, Nicole and myself. We drove around for a while, even going to Mt druitt..not sure why we went there though! We then headed back to Leesas as i had to get back to the party in time for when my mum picked me up..I still have the message he sent me that night after the party saying ”See i didnt dog you, im a nice guy” and he was a nice guy. haha i got a message from him a few days after the party saying someone asked him if i was his girlfriend because they saw us was pretty funny. I’ll always remember him as a fun happy guy. I remember when I used to always see him at the plaza when i was in about yr8 and I thought he was one of the funniest boys! You raised a great young man who could make anyone laugh.