Dearest Barry,

Flame-of-LifeA thoughtful gift, sent to us by Olga, hangs from our tree. It’s a beautiful pendant with a photo of you inside. It touched my heart when I first saw it. It brings tears to my eyes whenever I look at it. My memories, a stocking, a poem, a burning candle (see right and below) – and the pendant is all I have of you this Christmas. I would gladly give anything to have you here.

I put out your candles, the ones you kept in your bedroom for several years, but I couldn’t light them (even though I really wanted to) for fear that they would melt away and I would have nothing left to cherish. So I bought a set of four creme candles with gold stars all over them. We lit the candles while we opened the presents. You sat in the room with us, because you were in our hearts and our minds. I refer to these candles as the Flame of Life. They represent four people who truly love you – Gary, Daniel, your father and I. However, many other people love you too, Barry. Many others!


Christmas Ornament

Merry Christmas, Barry. We love and miss you everyday.

All my love,