This year has been turbulent. I’ve lost a son. Since then I have I also lost people who I considered to be friends. However, other people have rallied close and have constantly supported me during the last seven months – no matter what crazy thing my mixed up mind got me to do along the way.

Sasha, the author of the poem you will soon read, has been a friend who has continued to support me with flowers, cards and now a gift of a poem. I have been given her permission to share the words that she recently wrote for me. The poem is about hope, which is something I endeavour to find and hold on to. Thank you, Sasha.

The Star

I saw all the holly and tinsel
None of it brought me much cheer
I shopped for the food and the presents
But my heart was choking with fear.

The tree was erected as always
I decorated it with little joy
I could barely believe it was coming
And for the first time without my little boy.

On the Eve I sat by the tree
Not understanding why we were apart
I searched for some wisdom and solace
And saw the star shining brightly in the dark.

Confused I gazed up in wonder
Our star was just all tinsel and gold
But then I realised it was him
And somehow I knew Christmas wouldn’t grow cold

To this day my Star has never stopped shining
To pack it away would be terribly wrong
It lets me know my boy’s always with me
Now Christmas is here all year long.

~ written by Sasha Beattie, December 2006 ~