A dear friend of mine knew that, although it’s been 7 months tomorrow since Barry took his own life, I still need to keep busy. Yesterday, we met up for a light lunch and a coffee and she gave me my Christmas present early.

A beginner’s starter pack for scrapbooking.

Now the beauty of this gift is that she not only has given me something that will fill my mind with the memory of Barry, she has given my mind a well deserved rest from the constant thoughts of losing Barry. Does that make sense?

Barry is on my mind constantly, and it’s only when I’m doing something creative for him ie this website, scanning his photos and collecting my box of memories, that I’m able to turn off the thoughts about why and what if and is he really gone forever. By doing these things I feel as if I’m doing something positive, something lasting.

I’ll be able to lose myself for hours in this scrapbooking and my mind will be filled with happy thoughts and memories. Putting the pages together will enable the memories to come back. Sure, I’ll get sad at times, I might even cry, but at the end of the project I’ll have something solid and beautiful to share with others – a scrapbook on Barry’s life. That has to be a good thing.

Some weeks ago, I posted about Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime regarding something that is called a Life Quilt. Although I think this is a wonderful idea, I’m no good with a needle and thread (even though I took sewing classes for four years in high school). Some people will prefer the Life Quilt. I think I prefer the Life Book. Maybe that’s got something to do with me being a writer, who knows.

I know my friend wanted to distract my mind and I can tell you that her plan has already started to work. I’ve found myself thinking about how the book should be “plotted”, which “characters” will have a role in this story, how many “chapters” there should be and, most importantly, how the “story” will start and end.

If you feel this idea would suit you in your time of grief, or at any other time, but you don’t know much about it (like me) then I’ve included a few links below on getting started, tips and frequently asked questions.

Scrapbook Tips

Getting Started with Scrapbooking

Crafter’s Attic

Learn to Scrapbook

That last link is linked to the answers of questions all beginners are sure to have. Remember, a Life Book (which is what I will call my project) is something you can cherish forever, and it’s something that can be done at any time, even if you haven’t lost anyone special. You can make your own Baby Book, School Book, Formal Book, Wedding Book, Grandchildren Book, Travel Book, Retirement Book and any other occasion book.

Good luck with your scrapbooking.

And thank you, Sandy, for a wonderful gift. 😀