We’re Alike, You and I

We’re alike, you and I.
We’ve never met. Our faces would be those of strangers if we met, we would barely perceive the other’s presence if we passed on our walk through the mists. We’re unknown unto each other until the terrible words have been spoken…

We’re alike, you and I.
We measure time in seconds and eternity’s. We try to go forward to yesterday. Tomorrows are for whole people, and we are incomplete now, the tears, after a time, turn inward to become invisible to all save you and me. Our souls are rumpled from wrestling with demons and doubts and unanswerable prayers.

We’re alike, you and I.
The tears that run down your face are my tears and the sound in your souls is my pain, too. We need time, but time is our eternity, but it carries us farther and farther from our lost child. And we cry out.

We’re alike, you and I.
And we need each other. Don’t turn away, but give me your hand and for a time, we can cease to become stranger’s and become what we truly are, a family closer than blood, united by a bond that was forced upon us…
but a bond that can make us stronger, still wounded, to be sure but stronger for our sorrows shared.

~ Judy Dicker, TCF, Greenwood, Indiana ~


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