Whilst visiting with my parents today, I made a statement that reminded me that Barry and I shared strong feelings about Christmas, but we were very different when it came to the music we listened to on that special day.

Let’s face it, there are only so many Christmas songs to listen to. For me, I like traditional Christmas music playing in the background. We may hear the same song several times during the day, but it sounds different because each singer tries to make it their own. They give the songs their own special twist – classical, country, rock, instrumental, pop. My favourites are White Christmas and O Holy Night.

Barry enjoyed the same songs, but with a difference. He like them “switched on”. In other words, he liked traditional songs recorded with the modern techno boom boom rhythm behind it. We own a CD called Switched On Christmas. I used to hide it and put on the nice, mellow sounds of Christmas cheer. Barry used to find it and change the soft, mellow sounds to loud, head banging noise! His favourites were Little Drummer Boy and O Holy Night.

I’d let a couple of songs play and then I’d change it back to the mellow. He’d let a few songs play and then he’d change it back to the up-tempo stuff. And we’d continue to do this for most of the day until we were both sick of the songs and, to Gary’s great relief, turned the music off altogether.

Today, I pulled out Switched On Christmas and held it in my hands and thought about Christmas’ past. This year, I guess I won’t have to hide the CD because there’s no one to go hunting for it. But this year, I’ll voluntarily put the CD on and will let a few songs bounce of the walls of the house in memory of Barry.