Imagine having everything you ever wanted in a family,
Imagine having fun, laughter and love in your heart,
Imagine everything you live for is for your family,
Now, Imagine if this ended just with a flash of your eyes,
Imagine your heart, your laughter and your smiles gone,
Imagine living in this world without the one’s you love the most,
Imagine something made from a miracle, get taken away too soon,
Imagine the mother, the father, the sister, the brother and the friends,
Imagine trying to cope with this emptiness,
Imagine life that does not seem there is no meaning in your heart,
Imagine your soul been ripped and torn into pieces,
With an unbearable loss and pain,
Just Imagine, because for me this is all real.

There is no imagine this,
I face this reality everyday for the rest of my human life,
Like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from,
Like a wound that cannot heal or close,
Like a pain that is so unbearable it keeps on hurting,
Imagine, yes I can,
For this is my life now and for all eternity.

~written by a bereaved mother~


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