Difficult Parts of Grief

One of the most difficult parts about grief is trying to find an answer to the question, “Why me?” Life can be brutally unfair, and grief is no respecter of persons. When we least expect it, loss can come knocking at our door only to leave us feeling totally exhausted, shocked, and alone in our pain. Nobody is ever prepared for the feelings of loss that accompany the death of someone we love.

Even though “why” is the one question that nags us day and night, I don’t think there will ever be a way of finding the answer to that question. At least not an answer that is to our satisfaction. Life is very unfair, and because of that, bad things do happen to good people–people who deserve only the best in life!

When pain from loss enters our world that was once so innocent, it can knock us off our feet for a while. Our world as we once knew it no longer exists. We must now learn how to live in a place that is completely foreign to us. We must learn to speak a new language and adapt to new and different ways of doing things.

There is a tendency for us to long for life to be as it once was before death entered our world; yet the “normal” we once knew cannot ever be the same again. The life we now have has been transformed by loss. We heal by feeling what we need to feel when we need to feel it. We heal by allowing our broken hearts to be embraced by hope. We heal by believing that life is worth living–even when we don’t have all of the answers. We heal because we believe that life will one day feel joy again!


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