There is one thing I have never said to Barry since he passed away, “Goodbye”. I remember people saying that the viewing would be a good opportunity to say my goodbyes, but I refused to say it. I told him that I forgave him, in case he needed to hear it. I told him that I loved him, in case he needed reminding. I told him that I would never forget him, because it is true. But I never said goodbye, because I intend to be reunited with him in the future. I take comfort in the fact that Barry never said goodbye to me either, because, to me, that means he intends to be there, waiting for me, when it’s my turn.

The title of the poem is There Is No Goodbye and I think it reflects my situation perfectly.

You’re the sunrise in the morning;
You’re the star that shines bright in the night;
You’re the gentle breeze across our face;
At the darkest times you’re our light;
You’re the courage we have to stand tall;
You’re the strength to keep our heads held high;
You’re the power and will to carry on.

With the love you gave us there are no goodbyes;
Its been so long since you went away;
But we still feel you from up above;
During the hardest times, we know you’re there;
Giving us your courage, strength and love.

You’re the unspeakable sadness in our eyes;
You’re the tears that stream down our cheek;
You’re the constant heartache that we feel;
You’re the happiness we hope to seek.

We remember all the love we had for you;
On this day we always dread;
But today we forget that horrible time and reminisce…
About the good memories of you instead.

You will always be tucked away;
Deep inside our broken hearts,
But you will never be forgotten or replaced;
Because we can never again be torn apart.

So the next time we feel that gentle breeze;
Or the tears that start to warm our eyes;
We will smile and always remember….
With the love you gave us;
There is no goodbye.

~Author Unknown~