It’s been a while since Daniel has spoken to me about Barry. I never imagined for a moment that this meant Daniel had forgotten his brother. I did imagine that it was Daniel’s way of dealing with the pain. And I think I’m right.

However, tonight, Daniel got home from work and went and stood in Barry’s bedroom. He hasn’t done that in a long time either. I joined him. We stood quietly looking around the room. Each of us caught up in our own memories. Several minutes later, without a word, we returned to what we had been doing. Daniel started to get ready to go out and celebrate his birthday (he turned 22 on Wesnesday), while I procrastinated about writing words I should be doing, but wasn’t.

Then, the front door opened and Daniel left. I felt a little put out by this because he didn’t say goodbye and I thought he was leaving to join his friends. I was wrong.

Some time later, Daniel arrived home. Without a word, he walked down to Barry bedroom and then called to me to join him.

A single red rose had been placed on the bedside table.

“I’ve been thinking about Barry a lot this week and wanted to do something special,” he said.

My heart went out to him. He was about to go out and celebrate his birthday, and he would do this without his brother. I knew that affected Daniel…a lot!

Then Daniel turned around and opened Barry’s wardrobe. We stood looking at the clothes we’d seen Barry wear so often. Daniel took a t-shirt out and holding it up in front of us told me how they both saw the shirt and wanted it. Daniel laughed becasue Barry had beaten him by buying it before he did. He said they didn’t like wearing the same clothes, although they didn’t mind owning the same things (and often did). Their tastes were so similar, you’d think they were twins.

We both touched and smelled different items. We agreed that Barry’s smell no longer lingered in the clothing, which was disappointing. Daniel commenting on how “there isn’t much left”, which tore at my heart again.

Before we left the room, we turned back to the rose beside the bed. It looked beautiful.

It’s true. It’s the simple, spur of the moment things that mean the most. Today, for me, the most precious moment was looking at a single red rose one brother bought for another.