Part 4: Unexplained Phenomenon

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This is going to be the hardest post to write in this series. Please remember that I don’t know what I believe on the matter. I’m just stating the facts, how it happened. I will leave it to each and every one of us to come to our own conclusions.

This brings us to this year. The footsteps and voices have never stopped. The evil presence in my bedroom never returned. But another presence did attach itself to the garage on 18 May 2006. By no coincidence this is the same day that Barry decided that living was too painful, so he opted to die by suicide. And he carried out this decision in the garage.

I thought I mentioned this in My Story, but I’ve just checked and I can’t find any reference to it. I’ll share some the details now (but not all of them, because some things will always remain private) .

For three days after Barry passed away, none of us felt comfortable in or around the garage. I think the reason for that is obvious, but it went deeper than the fact that our beloved Barry had taken his own life in there.

Daniel hated the garage. The last image of his brother was a terrible one, every time Daniel looked at the garage, he saw that image. But Daniel was drawn to the garage. He and Gary went into the garage to discuss the events on the night Daniel had found Barry. It was important that Daniel talked about what he had seen and how he felt … without holding any details back. Gary thought it would be better if that was done without me being present.

However, I felt the need to be close to Barry. Later that same day, I stood in the garage trying to feel Barry’s presence, trying to reach out to him. Gary, concerned for me, waited patiently at the open roller door. I went into the garage every day for the first week. I needed answers and I thought Barry would be able to give them to me. I was wrong.

Unknown to me, Gary and Daniel experienced an unexplained phenomenon when they were in the garage on that first day. A “cold oppression” enveloped them. When I was finally told about this, Gary said that at the time he told Daniel “it isn’t Barry” and Daniel had replied, “I know”.

When I had stood in the garage later, whilst I felt nothing, Gary felt the same presence again. Later that night, Daniel was outside having a cigarette and the presence reached out for him again. This time it really freaked him out and he ran to the front door and banged loudly to be let inside.

Over the next three days Gary and Daniel felt the presence repeatedly – in and around the garage. I was oblivious to it.

One morning, I woke to find Gary busy in the garage. He refused to let me go in there, telling me that this was something he had to do alone – for all our sakes. Do what? I didn’t understand. Gary told me what had been happening. He told me that he believed that an evil presence had attached itself to the garage in the hope of causing more pain to the family through our grief for Barry. He told me that the presence would try to influence all of us to follow Barry. He said that it was time to get rid of the presence once and for all.

I’m not a religious person, but Gary is. I knew that Gary needed to do whatever it was that he was planning, for his own peace of mind, so I didn’t interfere. Gary cleaned the garage – swept the floor, tidied up. He then placed a cross where Barry’s life ended (which will remain there until some future tenant, or the owner, removes it). Flowers were arranged beneath the area. Gary prayed. He prayed for a long time.

During this time Daniel arrived. I told him what Gary was doing. Daniel isn’t religious either, but he nodded and said, “good”.

When Gary finished he asked Daniel and me to go into the garage. As I said, I’m not religious, but I was glad that he had put up a cross. The scent of the flowers took away that dusty, musty smell that most garages have. Daniel stared at the cross for a very long time. I’ll never know if he actually saw the cross or if he saw Barry as he had found him. I can only imagine what was happening in his mind right then.

After a long time Daniel turned to Gary and said, “it’s gone”. And I’m told the presence hasn’t been felt since.

So that leads us back to the “normal” footsteps and voices, until last Wednesday.

Continued in Part 5


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