Part 3: Unexplained Phenomenon

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Once again I found myself in a position where I couldn’t afford to buy another home, so we had to rent (and have done so ever since). And once again, we moved into another old house.

The years that followed saw no ghostly visits, but our little home of three became a smaller home for five when Daniel and Gary’s son, Aaron, both moved in with us. We made do with the space available and even though it was really squashed, we managed for about one year to 18 months. Then Aaron moved into his own place. Daniel … well, let’s just say he moved as well and it was back to me, Gary and Barry. We moved again. Yes, into another old house, but much bigger this time. (We needed this house when there were five of us.) We currently still live in the same house.

Things went well for a while, and then we started hearing footsteps walking through the house. It was usually only when any one of us was home alone. I can’t think of a single time it has happened when there have been two of us home together. All three of us reported hearing the back, sliding door open followed by the footsteps. (It’s strange, I associate this sound with Barry moreso than with the ghost, but I realise now (at this moment) that although I still hear the door and the footsteps, I no longer think Barry has come home.)

I’m not sure if Barry heard the voices too. If he did, he never said anything. But Gary and I (especially Gary) have heard voices in the house and have then discovered that no one is home. When these things happen, it isn’t scary. It’s almost as if our time in the universe has crossed over with another time. Maybe we are an unexplained phenomenon to the people whose voices we hear. Anyway, none of us were ever scared by what has happened in this house.

Until…one night an evil presence visited me in my own bed! This is what I wrote on 1 October 2004:

This is a true story.

The strangest thing happened to me this morning. It was just after dawn, I was hovering between wakefulness and sleep, when I felt this rushing current passing through my body. It was stronger than a breeze and I could hear it gurgling in my ears.

I was on my side, alone in the room. Then…I felt a presence behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the bottom half of a man wearing skin-tight brown leggings tucked into black boots. I was terrified.

The current, much like electricity, got faster. I could feel myself being drawn to the edge of the bed. Screams filled my mind, but wouldn’t leave my mouth. I prayed that a family member would come into the room and wake me, but at the same time I found myself wondering if it was in fact reality.

The terror built up. The silent screams continued and then…

The flow of the current was gone. It was still and quiet. But only for a second or two, for a moment later I heard the man behind me let out an evil laugh and …

I woke up! Or did I? It felt so real, yet it couldn’t have been. Could it?

Then, on 3 October 2004, I wrote (altered slightly to make sense on this blog):

Two mornings ago, I had an experience and didn’t think anything of it except that it had scared me and it was strange.

After reading about sleep paralysis, I discovered something chilling.

It’s not the first time this has happened to me!

The first time it happened I was 26. I remember it well because the fear and anxiety I felt was so extreme because I honestly felt that I was really paralysed forever. However, the next day I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery (for a tumour that exploded in my stomach, but this happened in the morning, not during the night) and I believed that was what had caused the experience in the night. Since then, I have had other experiences (about half a dozen in total) but they were never as strong as that first one. I could always brush them aside easily. What happened on Saturday morning was more intensified.

I found this page set up by a group who has been studying sleep paralysis for some time. When I read the page called The Intruder I realised that I experienced the major key points they describe – evil presence, awareness, felt vivid and real, feelings of terror, the desire to be woken. The only things that don’t fit well, as far as I can see, is actually seeing and hearing the presence (which I did).

I spoke to my partner about this and he claims to have suffered sleep paralysis for three years – two or three times a week – some years ago. As time passed the experiences got stronger and stronger, until he was afraid to go to sleep. Then…he collapsed one day in the street, he was rushed to hospital and found he had heart disease. He was given a triple bypass and has never had sleep paralysis since.

Is there a connection? Is our body trying to tell us something, or is it something more sinister?

What can I say? I still have no idea why these things happened to me. I can’t explain them away or brush them under the carpet to forget them. They are still clear in my mind. I don’t know if there is an explanation.

Anyway, what has all this got to do with Barry? You’ll start to find out in the next post.

Continued in Part 4


2 thoughts on “Part 3: Unexplained Phenomenon

  1. Karen, you really are an incurable storyteller! I read this blog faithfully, not always because I enjoy it (if you know what I mean–because sometimes it makes me cry or my heart ache), but because it’s important to me to know what’s going on with you. But this time, well, I can’t wait for the next installment. You’ve set up such a fascinating tale. 😉

  2. Sherry, thank you for the compliment. I guess my life is returning to its new normal to a degree now. My writing is coming through in my posts. I see that as a good sign for the future (and I know you’ll agree with me there).

    By my reckoning, there are only two posts to go. The next one will be the hardest to write. The last post for the series…well, I don’t know what to say. You’ll have to wait and read it, and decide for yourself.

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