Part 2: Unexplained Phenomenon

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The house we purchased was old too. For a long time (5 or so years) nothing happened – ghost wise, that is – but eventually family wise everything changed. Shandy, our dog of many years, died. My marriage fell apart. My sons decided to go with their father, leaving me in a state that they would never fully understand. The months that followed are best forgotten.

Then I met Gary.

When Gary moved in, the house was on the market to be sold and I was planning to move back to the area where my parents lived, to be closer to my sons. Then, out of the blue, Barry announced that he wanted to live with me. He never knew how happy this made me. Anyway, the three of us lived in the little, old house for a few months without event.

Then, I started experiencing something strange. Something unseen kept tripping me up, brushing against my legs. I never told anyone about it because it sounded crazy. Gary, a former Paster who likes to explore all religions and compare them with his own, announced that we were going to a Spiritualist Church. I can’t say I was reluctant, but I certainly was not enthusiastic. I knew the “leader” (or whatever you want to call her) would do readings and, I must admit, that sounded interesting to witness and it was probably the only reason I went.

We sat in the back row. I won’t pretend to remember all the religious stuff that happened. I could barely concentrate through the entire thing. I was waiting for the readings to begin. When they did, I suddenly stopped yawning and paid attention. I was disappointed because everything that was said sounded so fake and stupid. I sat there amazed that I’d agreed to attend in the first place, but then the woman’s eyes were on me and she said “you’ve got something hanging around your legs”. She certainly caught my attention. She told me that it was a dog that had recently passed over, but didn’t want to leave my side. I was amazed. Gary just sat there staring at me, waiting for me to deny it, but I found myself nodding. The woman told me that the dog would move on now. I never felt that presence again.

Another time, Gary and I were home alone. It was at night, so Barry must have been visiting his father or maybe he’d already gone to bed (I can’t remember). I sat at the dining room table, Gary stood across the room beside a photo of my Nan. He was telling me how he could see a family resemblance between my Nan, my Mum and me.

Suddenly a loud rapping sounded from the table. It went on and on, for about 20 seconds or so. I stared in horror at the table I was not touching, and I knew Gary could not reach. I knew without doubt that it wasn’t the non-existent wind from outside because the windows and doors were all closed and locked. I knew it wasn’t an animal because my dog, BJ, wasn’t allowed inside. There was no explanation for what was happening.

Later, Gary told me that all colour had drained from my face. I looked terrified. When the tapping stopped, to lighten the moment, Gary laughed and said something about Nan agreeing with what he had said.

A few weeks later, Gary awoke in the night to find a woman with long hair sitting on my side of the bed. She had her back to him. She stood and left the room. He thought it was me going to the bathroom, but then he realised I was asleep in bed.

A week or so later I received a phone call saying the house had been sold.

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2 thoughts on “Part 2: Unexplained Phenomenon

  1. I cannot wait for the next installment!

    I thought of you yesterday when I I heard on NPR a brief story about Eric Steel producing a film (documentary) on Suicide. It’s coming out soon and it’s called The Bridge, referring the the Golden Gate in San Fransisco. Many people take their lives there every year. Steel did interviews with the famlies of some of the people who suicided. It is said to be compassionate and touching. Thought you might be interested to know about it.

  2. Thank you for telling me. I’ll keep watch for it. I think I could watch something like this now. It will upset me, but I think I’ll make it through to the end.

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