This is going to span over several parts. It might seem random, but there is a reason why I’m sharing all this.

I’m basically a “seeing is believing” type of person. If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it. If I can’t explain it, it’s because it is out of my scope of knowledge, but there is an explanation out there…somewhere. Yet I have experienced unexplained phenomenon in my life and if I’ve seen and heard things that cannot be explained, shouldn’t that mean that there may be some truth to these things. I’m talking about ghostly happenings.

The first time it happened (that I can remember) I was only about ten years old. I woke up to find a man standing over my bed. I was terrified. I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped that he didn’t know I was awake. I wanted him to steal my toys and leave. I fell asleep listening to the pounding of my own heart. The next morning I told my parents about the strange man in my room. They exchanged a look and then told me that our next door neighbours had a ghost run through their house, seemingly on the run. They saw the locked back door open, they felt the presence rush passed them, and then watched the front door spring open and knew the presence was gone.

I brushed this event aside. Maybe the whole street was dreaming in sequence. I never could, however, quite explain why “something” often brushed passed me in the hallway of that house. Not to mention the vision my mother had – but since I didn’t see that, I won’t write about it. All I know is that the vision affected my life for about five years because my mum believed something bad was going to happen to me and she became very protective of me during that time.

Many years passed, I grew up and got married. We had two sons. We moved to the coast and lived in an undesirable area for about two years. The house was old (by Australian standards) and had quite a “reputation”. We were struggling to survive on a very low income and had hardly any furniture. My sons, at the time, were sleeping on camping beds. They shared a room. Not long after moving in Barry, my youngest, told me the house was haunted, but I didn’t really believe him. I thought (knew) he had a vivid imagination. Then one night Daniel woke us with blood curdling screams. With all honesty, I’ve never moved so fast in my life. I was out of bed, running down the hallway, my heart in my mouth, in an instant. As I passed through the door to their bedroom I switched the light on. Barry was sitting up in bed staring sleepily at Daniel. Meanwhile, a look of pure terror distorted Daniel’s face and he pressed his back against one wall, still screaming. I saw nothing, but Daniel saw creatures crawling down the other wall and across his bed. It took me a long time to settle him, but he refused to sleep in that bed again. Barry was happy to swap with him.

A few weeks later, Daniel came to me and calmly told me that the house was haunted. I could dismiss one of them saying it, but not both. I asked Daniel to tell me why he thought that. He told me about a woman with long hair who walked down the hallway and into the bathroom almost every day. He said that from his new position in the bedroom he could see her clearly. I went to Barry and asked him to tell me about the ghost he thought he had seen. He told me that when he used to sleep in the other bed he saw a woman with long hair in the hallway. He told me that he used to think it was me, but one day the woman walked into the bathroom and then I came out of the my bedroom and also went into the bathroom. Since then, he knew it was a ghost he had been seeing.

Neither of my sons was scared by this presence. Their father and I never saw a thing. Two years later, we bought our own place and moved thinking that would be the end of “ghostly happenings”, but it wasn’t.

27 October 2006 – Edit: I spoke to Daniel about the woman in the hallway last night. He told me that he remembers it like it was yesterday (but this happened about 15 years ago). He recounted what he saw to me and I realise now that I got part of this post wrong. Firstly, Daniel only saw the woman look quickly out of the bathroom. He said her long, blong hair fanned out of the room as she poked her head through the doorway. He never saw her in the hallway itself. I remember Barry telling me that he did see her in the hall, so I thought Daniel had seen that too. Also, Daniel tells me that his dad saw this woman too, on at least one occasion. His dad also thought it was me, but immediately discovered that I was out the in the backyard hanging washing on the line. I’m the only person who didn’t see the woman.

Continued in Part 2