The bleakness of the landscape is unimaginable. It is as friendless and alien as a Dali painting. Ordinary concerns, such as work or friends, have no place here. Futility muffles thought; time elongates cruelly. Who is to blame for this situation? Those with depression think it must be them. Pointlessness and self-loathing govern them. So the natural final step is suicide. People with depression don’t kill themselves to frighten an errant boyfriend. They kill themselves because it is the obvious and right thing to do at that point. It is the only positive step they can think of.

~~written by Kay McKall, an Ipswich (UK) general practitioner
and consumer with depression, writing in the British Medical Journal (NAMI Advocate, winter 2002)

Untreated depression is the #1 cause of suicide.
Depression IS treatable.
Suicide IS preventable.