Until We Meet Again

Today, as I mentioned in my brief, previous post it has been five months since we lost Barry. This post is a dedication to Barry from his father, Andy, and Barry’s stepmother, Wendy, who grieve for Barry across the ocean from another country, England.

Until We Meet Again

If there ever was a way
Of making dreams come true
Then I would wish for the joy
Of a moment spent with you.
I’d wish that even though
From this life you’ve gone away
I would know that forever
You’ll walk beside me every day.
One day we’ll meet again
For, in my heart I know it’s true,
That one day we’ll share happy times
Just as we always used to do.

Andy and Wendy sent me some photos. I will only share a few of them here today. In one of the photos, the poem you’ve just read was sitting beside the silver box you’ll see below. The box holds a lock of Barry’s hair. The inscription on the box reads, “My beloved son Barry”.

In Memory of Barry

On what would have been Barry’s 19th birthday, Andy and Wendy bought a rose bush that produces beautiful yellow flowers, which was Barry’s favourite colour. Every time they look at this bush (pictured below), they will be reminded of Barry. The rose bush has special significance not only because of the yellow flowers, and the fact that it was bought on Barry’s birthday…it is special because the name of the rose is called “sweet memories”.

Sweet Memories

This last photo was taken in May 2003. I imagine Barry was visiting his father on his dad’s birthday, 18 May, but I don’t know this for sure. I do know that Barry is showing off his mobile phone cover which features his favourite football team – the Bulldogs. “Go the dogs!” he would always say when they played.

Barry Andrew Henderson – May 2003

I know that Andy finds it difficult to be so far away from the places that hold happy memories of his son. And, in this time of turmoil, I know that he worries and frets over his surviving son, Daniel. Andy has told me often that he misses Barry more than words can say and that he has always loved his boys. I know this is true.

Thank you, Andy and Wendy, for sharing these photos with me.


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