Learning to live again after the tragic death of a child must be the hardest grief of all. If you have lost a child, and you think you might benefit by joining an online support group, then why not take a look at one of the ones below.

Please note, that I do not recommend any of them, because I am not a member of them. However, I do belong to a Parent of Suicide group and have found it to be a place of comfort and hope. Only those who have been where you are now, truly know what you’re going through.

The blurb next to the link was not written by me, the wording was taken directly from the groups’ home pages.

Loss of a Child Support Group – This Group is for all who have had a child die no matter when, where or how. The grief is still the same when you out live your child, no matter how old they were.

Mourning the Loss of a Child Support Group – This is a place of understanding. Here we can share our grief with people who have the same thing in common, a horrid loss, unnatural loss, the loss of a child. Day to day coping with this loss is the hardest way of life, because that is what it is…a way of life that we have to learn how to live with. Something you can’t do alone. I know, I’ve tried.

Heavenly Buddies Support Group – This is a circle of new and old friends from around the world who have all experienced the loss of a child. Our children have left this earth in different ways and at different times and ages, but they have not left our hearts, and in this group we share our lost hopes for their futures, our dreams and concerns for our futures, memories and poems, and support for each other.

We also share information of support, grief and trauma resources, quotes that help sustain us during our darkest days and respect for each others’ beliefs.