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If you knew Barry, in any capacity (family or friend), please feel free to share a memory by leaving a comment. Every memory left fills another gap in Barry’s life. It brings him to life. It proves that he did exist and he touched many lives.

Please don’t be shy. Just click on the “comments” link above and write your memory, then press submit. If you have many memories, then you are free to leave as many comments as you wish. There’s no limit.

Document your memories of Barry forever.


One thought on “Share a Memory

  1. Let me be the first. This is my last memory of Barry; the last time I saw my son alive.

    Saturday, 13 May 2006:

    Mother’s Day was on the Sunday, but our family decided to go to lunch in a restaurant in a club on the Saturday. We were all there, which was great. We enjoyed a variety of foods, we laughed together and generally had a good time. Unfortunately, not many photos were taken.

    Barry and his older brother, Daniel (and his then girlfriend) went into the club itself and put a small amount of money into the pokies. They didn’t win anthing.

    Barry was relaxed, smiling and happy.

    Afterwards, on the way home, Barry asked if I could drop him off over his mate’s place. We pulled up, Barry got out. He kissed me, told me that he loved me, and said goodbye. I watched him walk up the driveway to his friend’s place and then I drove away.

    I often wonder if he knew then that he wouldn’t see me again. Although I spoke to Barry on the mobile several times in the next five days, I never suspected that the next time I was to see him would be at a viewing after his death.

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