You Were So Young

Today marks four months since we lost Barry. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a school friend of Barry’s – Leesa Mancer – who kindly asked if I’d like a couple of photos of Barry. Leesa also wanted to share a poem she had written when she learned of Barry’s passing. I thought today would be a good day to share these gifts.

The Kingswood Boys

The above photo is of some of the boys who attended Barry’s high school. They were a close knit bunch of kids (boys and girls included). I was pleased to hear that because I believe it must have helped make those difficult last few years worthwhile for all of them.

In her email Leesa wrote, I remember whenever I saw him he would say, “ahhh hello man”. I know this to be true. I often heard Barry use these words on his mobile. I would say to Gary that Barry had one vocabulary when he was at home and another when he was with his friends.

The Valentines Day photo of Barry (see below) has my sister in it. I remember taking that photo…I was his wife…hehe…we used to walk to school together and stuff…. just some good memories which I have of him and I hope give you comfort.

Belinda and Barry

Here is the poem I wrote for him. I feel it describes him well.

What to say? You were so young.
Loved by many, hated by none.
You meant something to everyone you met,
you are someone no-one will ever forget.
With everyone you shared a laugh,
even helped some with life’s path.
There was a laugh with everything you’d do.
You were so friendly, no-one disliked you.
You made people smile just at a thought.
a thought of which you would of brought.
The thing that makes me smile when I think of you now,
is how you used to say “dim sim lay fao”.
You made people’s lives so very fun,
it’s so terrible that the good die young.

~~written by Leesa Mancer~~

We all miss him terribly and I am sorry for your loss.

Collage of Barry

The collage was forwarded to me by Leesa, but she tells me that another of Barry’s friends actually made it. I want that friend to know that I use it on my computer at work as the wallpaper. I look at that smiling face and think of my son every morning when I sit down at my desk, and I’m so happy to think that he had good friends around him.

Thank you Leesa and thank you to all Barry’s other friends.


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