Ads on Crumbling Walls?

If you read the post called On Ads, which was posted over at, the host of this website, you’ll see why I’m going to ask the next question.

Have you ever seen ads on this website? If so, how often and were they ugly?

I’ve never seen them on any blog, but I guess I’m considered a regular so they are suppressed for me. However, I wonder about the visitors to my site. Please leave a comment and tell me if you do or do not see the ads.


3 thoughts on “Ads on Crumbling Walls?

  1. I have never seen adverts on this site and I’m sure I haven’t seen them on any other WordPress blog (apart from one that had lots Google ads but I think the girl wanted it that way deliberately). I’ll look out for them in the future.

  2. I’ve never noticed an ad. That was one thing I I specifically noticed about your wordpress site. That other thread states they’re around somewhere in post-whatever-something-or-another, but still, I’ve never seen them.

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