When loss enters our lives, we are faced with many different emotions. We feel overwhelming sadness and undeniable loneliness. We feel fear because we have suddenly been put in a place that is totally foreign to us. We feel isolated because we know that there is nobody that can fully understand what we are going through. We feel guilt for words left unspoken, deeds left undone, and neglecting the moments we should have cherished.

One emotion that we often don’t like to talk about is anger. When we experience loss of any kind, especially the loss of a child, we often get angry at all of life. We are angry because we believe life has been unfair. We are angry because we do not deserve this pain that has broken our heart in two. We are angry when we see joy in the lives of others and we are only able to feel deep, unrelenting sorrow. We are angry because so many dreams were snatched away so suddenly.

Anger, when left to fester and grow, hardens the heart and adds an additional burden to grief. Anger blurs our vision so that we cannot see the rays of sunshine trying to break through the thick, heavy fog of despair.

Letting go of anger takes a great amount of courage and determination. It is so hard to turn loose of our anger and hold fast to the hope and promise of a better tomorrow. It takes time to tear down the wall of anger that often accompanies grief. When we begin to focus on the miracles found in each new day, we will begin to experience true peace and a calmness of spirit. We will no longer be filled with the need to blame others for our pain. Rather, hope allows us to focus on the blessings that touch our lives each and every day. Hope puts a lid on anger, and gives replenishment to our grieving soul.

~~ by Clara Hinton~~