Helping Yourself through Grief

I don’t know who wrote the following; I received it through a support group and felt it was worth sharing.


Grief is exhausting and it is important to be aware of your daily health routines and keep them up.

      1. Try to eat regular, nourishing meals. If it is too difficult to eat three regular meals, try four or five small ones. Have nourishing food available to nibble on rather than chips, candy, etc.
      2. Rest is important. Try to develop regular bedtime routines.
      3. Continue with your exercise program or develop a manageable routine.
      4. Make sure your family doctor knows what has happened to you so he or she can help monitor your health.


Grief does not have to be as isolating as it seems.

      1. Look for a support group, lecture or seminar that pertains to your situation.
      2. Meditation is often helpful to help people get the rest they need.
      3. If it has been a source of support to you in the past, continue attending your church services and stay in contact with that part of your “family.”
      4. Let your friends and other family members know what your needs are.


      1. Read some books or articles of the process of grief so you can identify what you are feeling and have some ideas on how to help yourself.
      2. Allow your feelings to be expressed appropriately.
      3. Crying is good. Almost always you feel lighter after you have had a good cry. Consider sharing your tears with other loved ones.
      4. Find friends or family members to share your feelings with.
      5. Be careful not to use alcohol, drugs, or tranquilizers to avoid the pain. These will only mask the pain and could lead to problems.
      6. Keeping a journal is a good way to identify feelings and also to see progress.
      7. Holidays, anniversaries, etc need special planning. They are impossible to ignore. Look for a workshop on dealing with the holidays and make plans with your family and friends.

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