As you can see, I’ve been messing around with the photo of Barry in the sidebar. I really wanted Barry’s name to stand out a bit more, and I think I’ve achieved that goal.

I felt I had to use this photo because it’s the photo that was used at Barry’s funeral, except that one was huge so that everyone could look at Barry’s face and feel as if he was in the chapel with us. I picked this photo because it was the only one I could find of him with a close up of his face, and, for me, that was extremely important. The section showing is all that I had to play with because he was leaning back into the arms of his best mate and it took me a long time to white out all that. The yellow flowers are not from a random image either. They are actually the flowers that sat on top of Barry’s coffin. Why yellow? It was Barry’s favourite colour.

Everything about the image you are looking at means something to me, and to anyone who attended Barry’s funeral. The flowers were so bright and beautiful; their aroma filled Barry’s bedroom, and the house, for weeks after the funeral. The framed photo sits in Barry’s room so that we can sit on his bed and see his gorgeous face while we think about him; and mourn for him.

Besides, the photo now adds a splash of colour to the page. I like that.