This week’s posts have had a main focus on dreams and how I’m feeling with the way people are behaving around me. Here’s an update:

Dreams – It’s almost as if by bringing the fact that I’ve been having nightmares out into the open was enough for there to be a turn around. The nightmares have stopped! Believe me, I’m not complaining. I’m still not sleeping well, but at least I’m not scared to go to sleep. That’s had a positive effect on me. And…last night, for the first time, I dreamt about Barry and he was smiling. He also acknowledged me and waved. It was only a dream, but I feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

People – Well, one person in particular. Remember the woman that came into my office and, upon seeing me, instantly knew that something was wrong? Well, later that same day, we saw each other in the street. Our eyes met, she turned, crossed the road and continued walking. This left me feeling angry and upset. Yes, I know people don’t know what to say, but to do that – and be so obvious about it – is damn selfish and rude. My estimation of that woman plummeted instantly.