I’ve mentioned a few times now that I am a member of an email support group. In fact, I originally joined two groups that I didn’t find helpful. They were for bereavement in general, but I felt like I was on another planet to everyone else. No one could relate to me and I couldn’t relate to them. I left both these groups.

Then I found this group – Parents Grieving Children of Suicide. As the name suggests, this group is for parents only. Every single member has lost a child to suicide. It’s amazing how the words from another person, who has experienced the exact thing you have, can make a difference.

I read their stories, and feel astonished that so many sons have taken their own lives. Of course, girls do it too, but the boys out number the girls by a long shot. It breaks my heart to learn that suicide doesn’t always stop with the first person who does it either. Other people often follow in their footsteps. Everyone is at risk, and they should take extra care of themselves and their family.

This email group is a friendly, supportive community. If you are a parent to a child who has died by suicide, then I urge you to join the group. You won’t be sorry.