Respecting Loss and Bereavement

I received these words in an email support group I’ve recently joined and felt like sharing them here.

Talking about “recovering” from grief is almost disrespectful, as life is never restored to the way it was before the loss of someone close. When people talk of recovery, they really refer to overcoming grief and adapting to life after the death. This is an important distinction to draw, because the purpose of grief work is not to “get over” loss, but to adjust to its consequences, and restore balance.


2 thoughts on “Respecting Loss and Bereavement

  1. It makes sense. After all, grief isn’t an illness that one can “recover” from.

    Nowadays, we are encouraged to “function” perfectly, to hide all doubts and negative feelings. Grief is often seen as something “private”, especially as it makes people uncomfortable. Western societies, especially, have managed to shift death and loss out of view. It is no longer “natural” to comfort our friends and support them for a longer time than just until the funeral.

    You are changing this in a small way. You’re making people listen and open their hearts again, as we are all capable of doing. That’s good.


  2. Thank you, Firle.

    What you say is true. It’s like the subject is taboo. Yet, it’s all I think about and feel. People think I’m strong, but my heart has been broken. It’s cruel to make someone “function” perfectly when they lose someone.

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