Barry, I’m So Hollow

Barry, did you realise the pain you’d put me through when you made your decision? I can’t imagine that you would have done, because you were a caring person. I can’t imagine that you would have intentionally done this to your family if you had truly known the extent of our grieving.

Daniel “honoured” you yesterday by having your tattoo etched into his own skin, in the exact spot you had yours. He will add one difference to his tattoo. Next Thursday, he plans to have your name placed beneath the symbol.

Before going to bed last night, Daniel said he felt your presence in your bedroom as we stood talking about you. Were you standing beside us, listening? Did you regret what you had done to yourself, and to us? If you had the opportunity to change things, would you choose to live?

Last night, I fell asleep after crying into my pillow for the longest time – your gorgeous face in my mind. I’m aching to talk to you and hold you. I woke up feeling no better, feeling hollow inside. Today, the tears are falling down my face already. You’ve only been gone for 6 weeks, but it’s been too long. We need you to come home and end this nightmare. We miss you so much.


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