Barry’s First Months

Today would have been Barry’s 19th birthday. To celebrate, I’ve decided to start a memorial for him. The category is called “Barry’s Life” and you’ll be able to watch Barry grow up in this section of the website.

Come with me as I walk through a young man’s life – my youngest son.

Barry Andrew Henderson was born at 1.08am on 26 June 1987 after a little over an hour and a half of easy labour. He weighed 7lb 10oz and had a soft covering of reddish/brown hair, which eventually turned a darker shade of blond.

I’d love to say that Barry was a good baby, but that would be telling fibs. In truth, he cried…a lot. He cried day and night, for weeks and months on end (eight months to be exact). Those first few months left me feeling exhausted as I tried to adjust to the new routine. Daniel had been as quiet as a mouse when he was born so I believed being a mother was dead simple. Was I wrong?!? I couldn’t figure out how I could have two exact opposites.

However, Barry was everything in the world to me. From the start, Daniel had a strong bond with his father. When Barry came along, I was pleased to discover that he and I would share a strong bond too. He was my little boy, and he never stopped being that.

Here are three photos of my little angel in the first three months of his life:

Barry 11 days

The above photo was taken on 7 July 1987 when Barry was only 11 days old.

Barry 2 weeks

This photo was taken on 14 July 1987 when Barry was two weeks old.

Barry 9 weeks

And this one was taken on 3 September 1987 when Barry was 9 weeks old.


6 thoughts on “Barry’s First Months

  1. Karen
    Tears flow down my face as I read your blogs about your precious son. We hold our children as precious in our eyes, and their future so full of possibilities.
    If a child dies before us, it is devastating. Especially if we know he/she was not happy on this earth, despite all the love he/she had recieved from their family.
    I think that is the real tragedy. with someone who died young but enjoyed their last few moments on earth, the pain is there but atleast there is consolation. For someone living in emotional pain like the deep pain of depression it is difficult for a parent to understand.

    God Bless you for all you have been through .Cherish and remember the amazing times you had with him. I have no doubt , he knew you all loved him. The pain was just too difficult for him to cope with. I hope further research enlightens the bio chemical causes for depression and ways we can help our loved ones.
    My best thoughts to you

  2. Thank you, Leah.

    I believe he knew we loved him too. However, it did torment me for a while…wondering. In the end, I have to trust the fact that I did tell him several times in the last two weeks.

  3. too bad..that he needed to get his own life at the young age..maybe this thing happened for a reason..just hold on your faith to God…

  4. Hi Karen,
    I’m Malou from Phils. My youngest’ son Paolo, whose the youngest of 3 boys (16yrs. old), died last Feb. 7,2009, like what happened to Barry, at first we found him in his own room,it seems that it’s only a bad dream for me, as a mother, we loved him very much, anything he wants, we gave it to him, he’s graduating in high school, and promise that we gave him a brand new motorcyle as a gift, coz his 2 bros. has a job already,and we have a little business, so it’s easy for us to give what he wants, we’re very close to each other,also very closed to God..we didnt know why it was happened to me, but we know god had a purpose …the reason why he got his own life is breaking up to his girl friend (m.u.). For now, as I mother, still hurts, but i ask and pray to god, that someday, one morning all of my fears, loneliness,sorrow,etc… will surpass. God bless and take care…..
    Malou Tapia

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