Today, I returned to work, again. This time I definitely felt stronger within myself and the normal noises around me didn’t irritate me like last time. My bosses and workmates are concerned about me, and they are trying to make my work hours comfortable. I appreciate these things.

At the moment, I’m only working half days. I’ll continue to do this for the next two weeks. I believe it will be better for everyone. Besides, I don’t want to leave Gary on his own all day. He doesn’t need that yet. None of us can cope with being on our own for long periods of time. That’s when dark thoughts set in and we are all vulnerable.

In other news, my oldest son, Daniel, is moving back home this weekend. We’ve had some trying times over the past four or five years, but our grief has brought us together again. We will wipe the slate clean and start again. In doing so, I hope to see Daniel find a better future for himself and his girlfriend. Something good has to come out of the bad, or I’ll go insane wondering why we bother doing anything.