The Holiday and the Last Conversation

Part 4

Gary and I went on holiday. The first one is a while. We needed the break, the change of scenery and the time alone together. It was wonderful – even though I can’t remember a lot of it now.

I remember being worried about our kittens – Sophie and Jasper – on that first night. They don’t like strangers and I was concerned that they may have disliked “strangers” being in the house because my older son, Daniel, and his girlfriend, Angie, were staying at the house with Barry for the four nights. I rang the house and spoke to Barry about it. He was laughing and told me that they were fine. He also told me that he was now the boss and he’d changed the rules and allowed Peppi (our third cat) inside. I laughed and told him that it was up to him, but I hope he was prepared to clean up the vomit (Peppi was notorious for that, and that’s why he wasn’t allowed inside). He was certain that he wouldn’t have to do such a “stinking” thing, but if it did happen, he’d talk Angie into cleaning it up for him.

Our holiday continued.

On Wednesday night, I had the urge to phone Barry again. He sounded relaxed. He told me that Peppi was behaving himself and that Angie had gone home, leaving Daniel and Barry to their own devices for the evening. He said they were going to play games (the Playstation) and have fun.

Then, he started to grill me. “When are you coming home?” “Are you sure you’re coming home on Friday?” “What time on Friday?” “So you’re not coming home on Thursday?”

I assured him that we’d arrive home after lunch on Friday. My only thought at these questions was that he was planning a party. Then, out of the blue, he said, “I love you.” It wasn’t the same as a normal “love ya” at the end of a phone call, it was said with depth and meaning. It was something that I’d never heard from Barry before. I didn’t say anything to him about it because I didn’t want to scare him from saying it like that again, so I said “I love you too, Barry.” There was a pause. I said, “I’ll see you on Friday.” His reply was simply, “Bye.” These were to be the last words I heard Barry say.

Daniel and Angie have since told us that Barry was happy during the entire time they were here. Apparently, Barry made a CD on the Monday night. On the Tuesday night, Daniel walked into Barry’s room to find him writing a letter, but Barry wouldn’t let Daniel see it. On the Wednesday night, the two brothers sat outside feeding a possum and talking about old times. They played games and laughed until quite late. Daniel said the house felt peaceful when he went to bed.

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