This website has changed paths many times since its creation. Now, it will change paths again. Following the suicide of my son, I feel the need to have a place to share my thoughts and grief. Crumbling Walls is going to be that place.

First, I will tell my family’s story. It will be heart wrenching, but I feel it’s essential for me to put it into words. I will then add a section (or category) in honour of my son, Barry. The path before me is long. I know I need help and support along the way. I hope that my words will touch those who might think they have run out of options and have suicidal thoughts. Please now that there are always options, you just have to speak up and tell someone there’s a problem. And I also hope that in time I will be able to reach out and help those who experience and suffer a loss of a loved one, like I suffer now.

My pain is raw. The wounds are deep. I’m told that with time, these things will lessen. But for now, I will take one day at a time.