Crumbling Walls

suicide – cancer – dementia – ruptured aneurysm

Have you lost someone to suicide or cancer?

The death of a loved one is devastating. When it happened to me I had a strong urge to find out why I felt I had been left in limbo and why the world was moving on without me. Could I have done something different? Was I to blame? Would the guilt ever pass?

I’ve gathered information for my own use, and wish to share it with you. Below are links to general information on suicide, cancer and dementia. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.

I’m sorry for your loss and urge you to take care of yourself at this sad time.

Our personal journey starts here

My family has suffered loss from suicide and lung cancer, and we are currently experiencing the effects of living with Alzheimer’s disease and a ruptured brain aneurysm.

If you are interested in our stories, the following links will take you to the first post in our journey. The posts are linked together for easy reading.


My son’s story.

Lung cancer

My father’s story.

Alzheimer’s disease

Not started yet. Go to the blog instead.