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The Police and the Letter

Part 12 On 15 June 2006, exactly four weeks after Barry died by suicide, Daniel and I were asked to attend the police station and give statements. We were also asked to bring support as the police believed that I

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Bringing Barry Home

Part 11 – I originally wrote this post on 9 June 2006, however, I realise now that it should be part of My Story so I have reposted it and deleted the original post. On 8 June 2006, I wrote

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The Funeral

Part 10 The funeral service for Barry was held at 11am on 30 May 2006 at Pine Grove. When arranging the funeral, I was asked how many “Order of Service” leaflets we would need. I said fifty would probably be

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The Viewing

Part 9 Before this happened, I was always of the opinion that I would never attend a viewing of any deceased person – especially a loved one. I always believed that it would be better to remember the person in

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Making Plans and Saying Goodbye

Part 8 In hindsight, the signs were plain. We look back now and can see when and where Barry was saying goodbye. These memories break my heart because I wish I’d picked up on them then…rather than now, when it’s

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The Consuming Fear

Part 7 The next four days are still a bit of a haze to me. People continued to come and go. The sweet aroma of flowers filled every room. Cards were placed on every available surface. My mind churned over

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Those First Hours

Part 6 We arrived home at 5.30am. Even now we both find it amazing that we actually made it without being in an accident. It was raining quite hard, and it was foggy. We were tired, distraught and careless, but

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The Worst Moment of My Life

Part 5 Thursday, 18th May 2006. I felt irritable all day. Gary asked me numerous times what was wrong, but I didn’t know. I can’t remember what we did, but we spent the day walking in the sunshine – I

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The Holiday and the Last Conversation

Part 4 Gary and I went on holiday. The first one is a while. We needed the break, the change of scenery and the time alone together. It was wonderful – even though I can’t remember a lot of it

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In loving memory…
Barry Henderson

Barry Andrew Henderson - 26 June 1987 to 18 May 2006

Raising Suicide Awareness
Hope Anthology

All profits donated to suicide awareness

Christmas Eve 2007

Final Resting Place

The Cemetery

More Photos
More Photos
can be found at Floralscape


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